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March 9, 2016



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Cricket Trivia 16 is the most expansive cricket quiz game on the mobile platforms. Challenge other cricket fanatics or your friends in a classic head to head contest or partner up with them in our unique partnership mode where you play to achieve a cumulative high score. This isn't your ordinary trivia though. Presented in the form of a live cricket match, you will score runs based on the accuracy and timing of your answers. Join thousands of other cricket buffs in this ultimate test of wits. History - We decided to take the boring unidirectional trivia genre and make it more engrossing and visually appealing. Thus Cricket Trivia 16 was born. Based on your answers, the batsman will play his shots and thus earn you runs.


Paratrooper by Greg Kuperberg was a game that we enjoyed playing a lot and we decided to create a rendition of the game based on our ideas. The core gameplay still remains the same with a few additions here and there.


  • Free to Play - The best game to expand your knowledge of cricket with questions ranging from Test cricket to the World Cups, T20 and IPL.
  • Online Challenge - Challenge your friends or play against other cricket fanatics and earn the ultimate bragging rights
  • Head to Head - Go head to head against other players in a real time multiplayer match.
  • Partnership - Innovative turn based multiplayer game mode where you team up with another player and take turns to achieve a cumulative high score.
  • Save your progress - Sign in through facebook to save your progress and migrate seamlessly across devices
  • Trivia with a difference - This game is not your everyday trivia. Exciting cricketing visuals to accompany your questions. Answer faster to score more runs and become a master blaster.
  • Assists - Don't just guess. If you are confused, our assists will help you nail those answers down more efficiently.
  • Leaderboards - Custom made leaderboards which will display all you stats like a pro cricketer.


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About Migoi Studios

'Migoi' is the Tibetan word for Yeti, the abominable snowman who wanders the high peaks of the Himalayas. The word is symbolic of the unknown, the undiscovered. We at Migoi Studios wander into this unknown, undiscovered realm of gaming and strive to create experiences akin to the legendary Migoi

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Cricket Trivia 16 Credits

Robin Dhar
Co-founder & The Brains

Samrat Dhar

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks